About The Craftsman


Al Fortunato has been building furniture for more than 25 years. He is self-taught, acquiring his knowledge from books, magazines, and studying antiques in museums, along with some select seminars and classes taught by some of the leading experts in the country. This knowledge base includes technique, as well as furniture styles and details. Research has led him to understand the differences in styles from various times in history as well as geographical areas of Colonial America and the furniture makers that lived in these times and places. As the 18th century masters used the tools available to them at the time, Al Fortunato combines the best of both modern and traditional methods to create quality furniture that will be tomorrow's heirlooms.

As his interest and skills in furniture making grew, it became more focused on 18th century period furniture. This has further been narrowed to the styles created by the masters of Newport, Rhode Island. The simple elegance and refined detail has made Newport furniture a standard by which all other period furniture is judged. It's clean lines and uncompromising designs evolved into antiques with unique characteristics. Although the 18th century Newport style is primary, styles from other colonial regions are also built, as well as Shaker, Country, and Craftsman styles. Since all furniture is made to order, Al will work with the client to produce specific designs that meet their requirements and exhibit the styles of the desired period and region. As a one man shop, uncompromised personal service is provided from the initial consultation to the final delivery.

In addition to furniture made with uncomprised quality, other custom woodwork services are provided. These include custom cabinets, built-ins, millwork, and furniture repair, refinishing and restoration.