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During the time the United States was being born out of the colonies, some of the finest furniture ever built was being created. While every American knows our Founding Fathers, not so well known are the craftsmen who created furniture that is uniquely American. These 18th century craftsmen developed furniture with elegance and style that set them apart. Although furniture design books from England and imported pieces were the basis of their designs, the results were as unique as the country being created. Never before, or since, has furniture design and construction been at such a high level of excellence. Philadelphia highboys, Newport blockfronts and secretaries, Connecticut tea tables, and so on, are now revered by artisans, antique collectors, and craftsmen as a benchmark against which all other furniture is judged. The value of this historic furniture based on history associated with region it was created in continues to increase.

From the mid 1600s to the mid 1800s a timeline of American Period Furniture was created. It began with Jacobean style, followed by William and Mary, then Queen Anne, Chippendale, Federal, and Empire styles. Each of these styles has within it unique characteristics created by craftsmen in various parts of the country. As has the United States, these furniture styles have endured more than 200 years, and continue to be the standard against which all other furniture is judged.

The formality and historical significance of this furniture is evidenced by the collection at the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C. The Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the State Department have been reconstructed to represent America's rich heritage and contain important examples of period furniture. These rooms are decorated by the enduring grace of 200 year old American furniture representing a very important part of our heritage.

No matter how hard a mass production furniture factory tries to emulate these great creations, the exceptional craftsmanship and designs cannot be replicated in a production environment. This original furniture was built in small shops, and in many cases by one individual, so today's small custom furniture shops are uniquely qualified to recreate the characteristics imparted by 18th century masters.

Whether you have a historical home or a more recently constructed home that you wish to add warmth and grace to, custom built American Period Furniture styles will do just that. It will bring a comfortable formality and stability, just as it has in homes since the beginning of the United States. Contact Al Forutnato and experience the uncompromising quality of custom built furniture.



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